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I first became involved in the Comics Industry with coaching and tutoring from working professionals in the independent field of the business.  First with storytelling from writer/editor Rick Claw of Blackbird Comics, then I received hands on training from colorist Martin Thomas (Crying Freeman-Viz; Grimjack-First) while working in his studio on Hepcats and a project for Rebel Studios entitled E.O.

I broke into the business back in 1991 as a self-publisher (B Comics).  Taking on all tasks (writer, illustrator, colorist, etc.), I published three books titled Daring Comics - an anthology series with stories ranging from superheroes to science fiction & fantasy, and featuring such characters as the Hood and Manta Ray.  I co-published a fourth book titled Cutting Class.

I then began working as a freelancer in 1994, as more job offers came my way.  Since then, my main body of work has been as an inker/embellisher.  However, I also have penciled and done color guides from time to time.  In addition to my comics work, I have freelanced in other fields of the Art Industry, from design & advertising, to children’s books, TV and toys & collectibles.

 For two and a half years (between 1997 and 2000), I worked for Tim Vigil of Rebel Studios (Faust, Gothic Nights, E.O., Gunfighters in Hell, RAW Media Mag, etc.) as his inker/embellisher for such mini-series as Broken Halo, 777: The Wrath, and the sequel, 777/Faust: Darkness in Collision, as well as various covers and pinups for Avatar Press.

 In 2001, I worked as inker/embellisher on the three-issue graphic novel mini-series, The Loch  (Penny-Farthing Press), which was also marketed through general distribution as a children’s book series, as well as various other projects for said company.

 More recently, I have been commissioned as a storyboard artist for the Department of Homeland Security, designing sensitive material such as field medicine guides for the U.S. Military.

 At the beginning of 2008, I finished work on a children’s book & toy designs, which will be marketed together, called Forever Leather Teddy Bear.

 ***The bulk of my education and training has been self-taught through self-motivation.  Not just with what was taught to me by the likes of Tim Vigil and Martin Thomas, but what I’ve learned of their self-teaching and motivation.  That is, to study everything and anything to do with this industry and the art world, as well as aspects of the Entertainment Industry.  Basically, anything that will improve your skills as an illustrator and storyteller.